There are many times in life, when big things are going on and you can feel really really alone.  Seems like the situation is beyond your control.  You hadn’t signed up for this struggle, but it’s what Jesus gave you to do.

There are also times in life, when Jesus pulls a group of people together to support and love one another, and a lot of times that becomes a very true, very real, very honest friendship.  I’m grateful for those.  I’ve been really blessed on several occasions to have folks who stick it out with me in the hard stuff.

When Tullie was about two and a half, a lady at our church reached out on a forum asking if there was a group of folks who had children with special needs.  Come to find out there was a good handful of us, and we all knew each other.  We had just never thought of meeting up with one another on a regular basis for encouragement.  We did start meeting together, and for about three years we met with one another.  We cried, we laughed, we shared our hearts, we asked for prayer and we prayed for one another.  It was a sweet time, that none of us knew we needed, but it was the most needed activity at the time.  We developed some wonderful friendships in that group of ladies.   Time passed and folks moved away and life got busy and eventually there was no time for meetings, but our hearts were full.  We knew that Jesus had “this”, and we knew we weren’t alone anymore.

Over the past couple of years another group has formed.  Slowly, but in Jesus’ timing and control.  It happened organically.  New, sweet babies were born.  Some were born with a surprise for their parents and some of the parents already knew of their specialness, but it didn’t make it any easier.  So, eventually over time a little community was formed.  A community made up of six ladies, six husbands and 27 children, which includes 6 with Down Syndrome.

These ladies are funny.  They are real.  They are great mamas.  They are sweet.  They are fun.  They also love their children fiercely.

So, this past Sunday we got together.  All of our families.  ALL of our kids and EVERYONE got along.

We had some great conversation.


The kids did too.








Gettin’ to know one another….

There were some super duper cute babies.


Baby buns….


Sleeping babies…


Happy babies and happy mammas…


Daddies who love babies


Exploring babies…


Birthday toddlers!


Siblings who love babies. 🙂


Parents who love their sweet birthday girl!

These ladies got to hang out and our families got to know one another.

Jesus asked for this.  “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2.  To love one another.  To serve one another.  To encourage one another.  I’m so grateful when I can see that in action.  I’m so grateful for Jesus to have put this together.  One person met one person who met another.  We all have one thing in common, but bigger stories outside of that one thing to share, which makes it even better.



Getting to know you….