I started a post earlier today and deleted it.

I’m behind on writing and sending emails.

I told my husband today that I had nothing.

Boston’s 9th birthday was the end of February and I really thought that I would get out of my funk, but then the world happened.

When things get stressful I can’t share what I write or think because it’s a lot of naval gazing. My eyes aren’t up. They are down.

My husband said, “Say that. Say that you got nothing.”

It’s the truth. I can say that “Jesus is enough.” He is. I believe it, but I also realize and understand that the words sound so so trite in a time like this. The world is groaning and the pains are fierce and true.

Jesus is enough. I repeat it to myself in hopes to believe it many days. When the kids argue with me. Or when a friend shares hard news. Or when the tension is so tight that it is ready to snap. Will it? I don’t think so because Jesus holds both ends, but man, it feels like the world is going to snap.

I remind myself (and friends have reminded me twice today), Psalm 3:5, “I lay day and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.” A balm to the soul.

I have nothing. But the Word does. A promise. the LORD sustains us. Tomorrow we will wake up and he will sustain us for another day.

Whatever that looks like…

He Sustains