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As you read this book, Michelle’s hope is that you will see the lavish grace of Jesus’s love for you, and-if you are walking through immense suffering-you will understand Jesus is most certainly enough. 

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“No one learns about the deep end of grace until they’ve been plunged there by nail-scarred hands. Michelle Bates has learned what grace is through suffering almost too difficult to relate. If you’ve found yourself in a time of soul-crushing confusion, desperation, and doubt about the very faith that once seemed so easy and now seems so superficial, this story is for you. I recommend it with my whole heart.”

Elyse Fitzpatrick, author and conference speaker

“In a world full of suffering each one of us is desperate for a good word. We need a word of understanding, we need a word of grace, we need a word of forgiveness. In this heartbreaking and hope-filled book Michelle Bates gives us exactly what we need, more of Jesus.” 

Jessica Thompson, author/speaker


“Michelle shares a story that we would all do well to wrestle through. She is an able guide, teaching us the ways she had misunderstood Scripture and helping us use it better for ourselves. She leads us through her story of suffering to a deeper understanding of Christ and His Word, one that holds us fast through the gut-wrenching trials that come with life in a fallen world. Her journey from prosperity gospel to the true gospel of Jesus Christ is both painful and beautiful, devastating and life-giving. I hope this book becomes a resource churches and counselors keep at hand for years to come.”

Wendy Alsup is author of Is the Bible Good for Women: Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-centered Understanding of Scripture. She blogs at


“Is this a story of a family’s loss and grief? Yes. Is this also a story of hope and faith? Indeed, it is. But it’s profoundly more: this book is the testimony of the suffering God of grace who dwells in the darkness with us, holds us in his love, and carries us forward into a life in which he is the ultimate answer to all our questions. We died with him. We live in him. And in his ongoing love we find our solid anchor. Read this book: weep, rejoice, and hope, for the God confessed here is the living and life-giving Savior.”

Chad Bird author of several books, including Night Driving: Notes from a Prodigal Soul and speaker


“As I watched Michelle’s story unfold, I kept thinking, “If she has suffered this much and the Gospel is still true for her, then it will still be true for me.” We need stories like this to affirm our faith and to show us a way out of despair. It is honest and raw while remaining hopeful, faith-filled, and grace-centered. This book will be an encouragement to those who are walking a journey of loss similar to Michelle’s and a practical help to those who are walking with friends through their suffering.”

Maralee Bradley, blogger at A Musing Maralee

“I met Michelle and Mike at the intersection of Suffering Ave and Sovereign Way. There they found deep grace and comfort Beyond the Shallow. As fellow strugglers along the Way, their journey serves as a testimony of overcoming love and empowering courage. They have truly experienced God’s presence and gracious provision in their direst moments of need. Reading Beyond the Shallow can strengthen you for your journey too.”

-Dr. Billy Russell, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Bolivar, Missouri