A sunset captured one summer night outside the inn.

A few years ago I had several friends going through very hard things. They still are. And I can add more friends to the list. It seems that we are all struggling with something.

As I was thinking about my friends who were struggling, I would pray for them and a lot of times I had no words when we would talk and they would share the latest update to a situation. My usual response is/was, “I’ve got nothing. I’m groaning with you.”

It’s hard as a friend when you want to help, but there are no words. I know that my friends have been in that situation with our family more than once.

One day I was thinking about how I could encourage my friends all at once, so I started thinking about beginning a Facebook group that just shared scripture. I decided to give it a shot and only invite the people who I knew were struggling, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew that it wasn’t just my close friends who were struggling, it was everyone on my “friend” list.

I started a group called Jesus is Enough on Facebook. I invited every single female that I knew loved Jesus on my list and said, “Please remember that this is a place to share Scripture with one another. If it is a devotional that you read in the morning, or the afternoon, or at night or on the toilet (cause let’s be honest we’ve all done it to get away for a moment) that you appreciated, please share the scripture that coincides with it. I love a good quote from a person who loves Jesus, but let’s share those on our personal pages, and keep this place to Scripture only.”

I wanted a place of peace and no extra chatter. I wanted a place where ladies can take a scroll and be encouraged. I wanted a place where ladies could flee to Jesus when life was overwhelming.

I started it thinking that just some friends and I would share scripture with one another, but it has turned into a whole lot more. Friends started inviting friends. Then their friends started inviting friends. Now nearly 1,000 ladies read and share scripture with one another. You ladies are more than welcome to join if you’d like.

My favorite part of the whole group is Jesus. Fleeing to Jesus. Getting a few minutes of a fresh drink of water in the midst of a hard and busy day.

We can’t be reminded of the gospel enough. #Jesusisenough #TillweareHome

Fleeing to Jesus