I want to tell you a couple of stories. They aren’t big or life changing stories, but they are stories of God’s watchfulness and care for us.

A couple of months ago, I got to bring my Grandpa to the dentist to get some teeth extracted. I dropped him off and during his appointment I ran a couple of errands in town and ended my errands stopping in the tire shop to get the pressure of my front driver’s side tire checked. Come to find out the valve had been leaking and I had 7 PSI in the tire. No bueno. Thankfully, they fixed it and I was on my way. I was late to pick up my grandpa, but thankfully, I have a patient Granpa. I dropped off Grandpa and my husband had asked me to pick up something at the grocery store, so while I waiting in line, I grabbed a Magnolia Homes magazine. Anyone who walks in America knows who Chip and Joanna Gaines are and there was an ad in the magazine featuring their new furniture line and the shoes that Joanna was wearing caught my eye so much that I had to ask on Facebook if anyone had eveImage may contain: shoesr seen the shoes before and confess my covetous heart.  The post got some tread and joking from some men, saying that my husband should stop me before I spend money on shoes, and that I probably have far too many shoes already. Several days went by and Mike made a comment to me saying, “Someone is going to buy you those shoes.” I brushed him off telling him he was being ridiculous and why would someone do that. I certainly didn’t NEED the shoes, I just thought that they were beautiful.

A few days later a friend from my middle school days messaged me and asked for my email address. We had stayed in touch through Facebook, and we didn’t talk regularly, but we were in touch via the Internet. Several minutes later I received an email from her with a gift card to Nordstrom so I could purchase the shoes. Her note said, “I hope this is a reminder to you that our Father gives good gifts to His children and He cares about the details of our lives. Our souls   (and in this case soles) are secure in Him and He is extravagant in His blessings.”

I was really floored. I also purchased the shoes that day.

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Just last week, my husband lost his keys. This is not an unusual occurrence in our house. We thought he left them in his truck, in his coat pocket, on the bench in the garage, in the key box, on a shelf in the shop, in the mower, etc. There were a number of places where they could be left. We all started looking. He offered the kids screen time if they found them. A friend and I moved furniture and stuck our hands between cushions on the sofa.  I had checked in trailers, under tin from the roof and went through his truck. We couldn’t find them, and we were closing in on 10 days without his keys. I started praying that we’d find them, but my prayer became something like this, “Jesus you have to find them and put them somewhere, because we have no idea where they are.” We were starting to get desperate.

On Sunday morning, Mike decided to check a key box that we have next to the door. (I had already checked it a half a dozen times.) It holds all kinds of keys for all around our property. Keys for doors in the Inn, vehicles, shop keys, mower keys, forklift keys, keys-that -don’t-even-have-a-home-anymore keys. Mike comes walking down the hall, “BABE! HEY! I FOUND MY KEYS!!!! THEY WERE IN THE KEY BOX!!!!”  My response was, “Jesus put them there, because I checked there several times.”

My point in telling both of these stories, is that I get depressed and there have been many times, where I start to think that God doesn’t hear me in my longing. He doesn’t hear prayers for comfort and the relief of my pain.  He gives us good gifts, yes, because I believe that the sacrifice of His Son is more than enough, but I also, many times, think that He may be distant and not be concerned about my desire for pretty shoes or lost keys, which isn’t huge in the light scheme of things.

I know that these two stories sound trite to some, but for me, I need to be reminded that God loves His children and gives good gifts, not so much in the shoes, but also in the sacrifice of His Son. I need to be reminded when Mike comes down the hallway, “HEY! I FOUND MY KEYS!” that Jesus heard me say, “You have to find them and put them somewhere we can see, because I’m done.”

I need to be reminded that Jesus cares about these life moments when I feel depressed or done and instead He says, “I see you. I love you. I’m here. I haven’t left. I will never leave. I already gave you the ultimate gift. I am gracious. I am generous. I care. I want to take the time to remind you of my love and care for you in shoes and keys.”

We must never ever ever forget what Jesus has done. We must walk in the freedom and grace of the Gospel. I need the Gospel every  single day. I don’t just need it, I am desperate for it. Ephesians 1 and Romans 8 are my go to for a dose of the Gospel. I must be reminded of what Jesus did on the Cross and how through that we have been lavished with grace. I am so so grateful for the Gospel and for God to not only give His only Son, but to also love his children and take care of their every want and need, even if those wants don’t seem all that important.



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Shoes, Keys and God’s Grace