This girl is sweet.

This girl is bound for good things.

This girl loves Frozen and knows almost every word to “Let it Go”.

This girl is one of the crowd.

This girl has a smile that will melt. your. heart.

This girl gives you a hug to say thank you for doing her hair even when you’ve yanked her head to hard while brushing.

This girl loves the trampoline.  She may be working on a flip.

This girl is the most content one in our family.

This girl is the most patient in our family.

This girl loves her little brother something fierce.

This girl gave a presentation today on her glasses case.  She said, “Hi. My name is Tullie and I have my glasses case.  I put my glasses in here to keep them safe.  Do you have any questions?”  Those boys asked her questions.

This girl can sing songs like, “God is Good” , and her mamma will cry because God has been good.  God has been good to her.  She is simply lovely.  It just took awhile for her mamma to actually SEE it.

This girl can swing.  She can swing high.  She can climb.  She can climb up to the top of a play structure 20 feet in the air.

This girl can dance.  Sometimes it’s awkward.  Sometimes it looks silly, but she does it with so much concentration you appreciate the awkward beauty.

This girl is gracious.

This girl has the best belly laugh.

This girl works hard.

This girl is simply lovely.

This girl changed her family.

For that we are grateful.  God is good.

This Girl