I’ve been intending to jump back into this, but each day it gets put off.  So, today while I was doing the dishes, I thought, “I REALLY need to get back into this writing/blogging thing.  Like REALLY.”

Life happens so quickly.  Laundry piles up.  Dishes pile up.  Dust bunnies sneak out of the corners to say hello.  Bathrooms are slimy and grimy and there are days that I get bogged down and tired just from looking at it.  Heck, just from thinking about it.  There are a lot of times that while  I’m picking up toys, putting away clothes, mending scrapes and scratches that things will occur to me or teachable moments will happen and I never write them down.  And I want to write them down.

So, for now we have a birthday in our house tomorrow and what better way to jump back in then write about when Jesus started to tear away misconceptions and barriers and open up our hearts to a world that we never expected or anticipated.  And what better time to write about it then in a quiet, sleeping, dark house and my mind is full and so is my heart.

Tomorrow is Tullie’s birthday.  She’ll be eight.  I’ve been thinking about that.  Tullie will be eight.  Eight. EIGHT!  Holy Moly, EIGHT!!!

Here are eight things that I love about Tullie.  She is not limited to these things.  Trust me.  She has a full heart.  Fuller then most and well it’s hard to limit this list to just eight.

1-She was born just the way Jesus intended.  I’ll be honest that I didn’t believe or accept that statement for years.  Or if I said that I did, it was half hearted and not full of my belief.  Jesus created her just perfect.  I love her because of the way that Jesus made her.  Perfect.

2-She has an amazing belly laugh.  When this girl gets laughing, you can’t help but join in, because her belly laugh is the best and her smile lights up a room.  We all usually end up laughing with her even if we don’t know what she’s laughing about, because she’s beautiful when she’s laughing.

3-She’s smart.  She’s really smart.  She’s high functioning and she’s smart.  She catches on to things quick and when she knows something she wants to show it off.

4-She’s gracious.  When someone has wronged her she is gracious.  She is quick to forgive and give a hug.  Many times she has humbled me, when I’ve accused her of a wrong, that she did not commit or if I got angry or impatient and have lashed out in anger.  She has been quick to hug and to forgive.  When one of the kids have wronged her she’s quick to make amends and love them.  She’s an example for all of us.

5-She doesn’t know the difference.  I think that within these next few years she’s going to start to notice a lot of differences between her and the other kids around here, but for now, I don’t think she notices the differences, or if she does she doesn’t bring it to anyone’s attention.  There have been times that I’ve seen frustration doing something physically challenging, but that has been few.  She is quick to hop in and play with the other kids and to welcome them into what she is doing.  I LOVE seeing her run and play and hope and jump and laugh and scream in delight with her friends.  It warms my heart.

6-She’s full of surprises. The day that she was born she was a surprise.  3 lbs 11 oz and nine weeks early.  Upon arrival she was kicking and breathing and couldn’t wait to get started.  The nurses suspected that she had Down Syndrome upon her birth and testing confirmed it a couple of days later.  Since that day she’s surprised us all.  I’m not gonna paint and “Pollyanna” picture here and say that we didn’t struggle, but there are some days I sit back in awe, thinking, “Wow, she’s doing amazing.  I didn’t think she’d do that.”  This little tyke is surprising and she’s gonna continue to be. 

7-She loves. This sweet girl loves.  She loves somethin’ fierce.  She hugs.  She kisses.  She plays with babies and toddlers.  She’ll let her sister lead her around and do what she’s told to do, just because she loves her and wants to make her happy.  She cuddles up next to you and gives you a book to read.  She loves people and she loves to make people happy.  She loves to do a good job and to know that you are proud of her too.  She loves and she loves well.

8-Her singing. Several weeks ago.  Maybe even months.  She was in her room, by herself singing.  She was singing a song from church and I wanted to listen to her forever.  It was out of tune and sounded horrible to a passerby, but to me it was beautiful.  She knew the song.  She knew the words.  She was worshiping in her own little moment and it was lovely.

My heart gushes for all of our children, but when you heart us talk about Tullie (not just me, all of us), you’re going to hear a softness in our voice and a smile will be at the corner of our lips when we tell a story about her.  This sweet girl began to break her parents heart.  She started to make them real.  She started to make them SEE things that they never thought that they would have to see.  She made them open up and honest.  Jesus used and is still using this sweet girl to make us see His glory better.

Happy Birthday sweet Tullie.  We love you.  You are more then we ever expected and we love you for it.



This ‘Ole Thing Needs a Good Dust Off and Have a Birthday