Several years ago, our pastor, Mark Driscoll, was at a conference and shared this list of  the differences between the Gospel and Religion.  It’s been hanging on my fridge for years.  The paper is spotted and crinkly and stained.  I thought I’d share the list, cause well…it’s a good list.

“It’s all about Jesus”

Two enemies of the Gospel are idolatry and religion.

We don’t see restaurants, sports, television, entertainment as idolatry, but sometimes they are. Many times they are.

“If you don’t break the first two commandments, you won’t break the other commandments.”

Everyone worships.  The atheists just worship their mind.  We have a propensity to worship created things rather than God.

Non-Christians are very spiritual.  They worship. They just break the first two commandments.

We worship good things and they become our god things.  The stuff we love can enslave us. There’s only one God, and He alone is to be worshipped.

Where do you run for cover? What makes you the happiest? How do you articulate who you are? Whose approval are you seeking? What comfort do you treasure the most?

Sometimes we get angry at the real God because He doesn’t serve our false god.

The Bible has nothing kind to say about religion.  Religion doesn’t understand the Gospel.

Religion says, “If you obey, God will love you.” The Gospel says, “Because God loves you, you can obey.”

Religion is about what I do.  The Gospel is about what Jesus has done.  “It is finished.”

Religion is about what we get from God.  The Gospel is about getting God.

Religion sees hardship has punishment.  The Gospel recognizes there can be good fruit out of hardship and suffering.  It’s called sanctification. “Jesus was made perfect through his suffering.”

Religion is about me.  The Gospel is about Jesus.

Religion leads to a life of continual uncertainty.  The Gospel provides assurance.  Certainty.  We can approach the thrown of grace.

Religion ends up in two places which are both wicked.  It ends in pride or despair.  The Gospel ends in confidence.  It’s humble.

Jesus went to the cross and died.  And with it died idolatry and relgion. 

Is Jesus Christ your only God? Is your life lived to worship him alone?

Religion vs. the Gospel