So, we have a very fun and exciting event happening around here this week, and I had in my head to get all sappy and appreciative and loving in one huge post, but then I realized that Mike and I are funny.  I don’t think that we show that we’re funny very often, but I think that we really are.  It’s kinda how we got together in the first place.  I thought he was a real hoot and laughed through several of our first dates and I’m still laughing 11 years later.  I’m assuming that he thinks I’m kinda funny, cause I’ll hear him laughing in the other room when he hears me say something to the kids, or on the phone with a friend or when we’re driving in the car together. 

Our ten year anniversary is on Thursday.  Well, I’m kinda excited about this.  I was telling Mike that I felt like we should be celebrating our 20th, because of our life experiences in the last ten years, it seems like we’ve been married longer.  He countered with saying that he felt like we’ve been married FOREVER!  Which I’ll take as a compliment, because I’m ready to be married for forever with him, and we’re well on our way. 

So, since it’s a ten year anniversary, I’d figure that I’d do a Top Ten every day till Thursday (hopefully).  I thought of this because….of our pal David Letterman.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of Dave, but I will say that I remember spending winter break at my friend Kelly’s house when I was in high school watching the Winter Olympics when they were in Lillihammer.  We’d stay up way to late waiting for the figure skating and I think it was the year of the Kerrigan/Harding debacal, which just made it all the more interesting.  Since we were up, and we had nothing better to do the next morning, because we were on winter break and we could stay up late and sleep in, we would watch Dave’s mom give the Top Ten and laugh for about 10 minutes and comment about how cute his mom was and how we weren’t really huge fans of Dave’s, but we liked his mom.  She was such a trooper.  Dave’s mom, that is. So, I was thinking about how Kelly and I would watch Dave together and the whole Top Ten, and Dave’s mom, and I figured that I’d give it a shot in regards to my marriage over the last ten years.  And, it’s also a good way to lighten things up around here, because I guess I’m not always very funny on my blog, but rather very serious, which isn’t bad, but it’s also good to have fun.  In all honesty, Jesus and laughter has gotten Mike and I through the last ten years and I think that that will bring us through the next 50+.

SO! Here it is!  The first Top Ten List.  Drum roll please….

Top Ten Funniest Things in the Last 10 Years:  (you may or may not think that these are funny, but we do.)

1. We have had 200+ vehicles come through our “hands” over the last 10 years.  This includes and not limited to: a boat, a couple of forklifts (which I DO NOT like to talk about), Land Cruisers, jet skies (the most recent), motor homes, John Deere tractors and the like.

2. We were on a divided highway in Texas around 10 or 11 at night on our way to visit friends in Austin.  Mike and I were in a huge argument (I have no idea what the problem was).  His window was open while he was driving and his cup holder that hooked onto the door flew out of the window, because his hand/arm knocked it out of place.  When Mike realized that he lost it, he slammed on the breaks (there was no one on the road, seriously, no one!  After all it is Texas.  People can spread out there.) and put the motorhome in reverse and backed up to get this one dollar cup holder that he claimed was his favorite!  I think I was probably yelling at him, because he didn’t say what he was doing, but when he told me that he was getting his cup holder, I busted a gut.  I have no idea where said cup holder is now, but I do know that it made it through the rest of our trip and back to Seattle where we got our first apartment.  The cup holder may be back East, because the folks who bought the motor home were from Maryland and drove the jalope back  across the country for the third time in 3 1/2 months. 

3.  We were in Sturgis, Michigan and we got a flat tire in the motor home on our first trip across the country.  We were waiting for it to be repaired and we picked up some coffee at a gas station.  The teller there said, “Ya know that coffee is hawt.”  We said, “Yes.” He says, “Well, I just tellin’ ya, cause I don’t want ya suein’ me like that lady at MacDonald’s!” 

4.  We had some rat issues a couple of years ago.  I still hate rats with a passion, and one night (or very early morning like 5 ish, which I still consider night) a rat scurried into our room.  YES.  OUR ROOM!!! And my very brave husband gave the rat a heart attack by suffocating it.  Or maybe I gave it a heart attack from my screams?  I have a very hot, rat wrangler for a husband, for which I am very thankful.

5. I may or may not have stood under the bucket of a bucket truck when my husband was trimmin our large privacy trees and got knocked in the head with a falling branch right after I put on a hard hat.  Good idea for the hard hat, not a good idea to stand underneath your working husband who is high in the air with large clippers in his hands, cutting off  large branches of tall trees. 

6. We slept one night in a place called Muskgogee, Oklahoma.  It’s hot there.  It’s really hot.  It’s also really humid.  Like insanely humid.  I think that the name Muskgogee is a good fit for the town because it’s so humid and hot.  Mike couldn’t sleep and we were at a truck stop for the night that was really loud and very busy.  But mostly, it was just insanely hot! Did I mention that it’s humid there?  It was really humid too.  I can sleep anywhere.  Unbeknowest to me, Mike went into the store and bought a fan that could be plugged into the cigarette lighter.  I woke up to Mike saying, “Can you feel it? Can you feel it?” while he was adjusting the fan in hopes that he would be able to feel it when he got into bed.  I am a grouchy waker uper, but in this instance I was laughing about the whole thing.  I guess I was trying to make light of the humid, hot, heavy heat that was suffocating us. 

7. When we were in the Public Gardens in Boston we may or may not have climbed a tree that was not suppose to be climbed by the duck pond.  Did I mention that an officer was walking around underneath said tree?

8.  After we had lived in Seattle for almost a year, Mike and I still hadn’t developed a really solid friendship.  A lot of acquaintinces, but not a good friendship.  So, we decided to pray for a couple that we would both get a long with.  A couple of weeks later, Mike was fixing someone’s toilet, and well, we’ve been friends with them ever since. 

9. I’ve had three c-sections and my husband still makes me laugh less then a day after the surgery and I scream in pain.  I made a rule that we couldn’t laugh for two weeks and be dull, dull, dull, but it doesn’t work.  Note to self: Don’t watch “50 First Dates” less then a week after a c-section.  I nearly broke my stitches.  I’m not kidding either.

10. When we first moved to Seattle, we didn’t have any friends, so we’d play a lot of board games and put puzzles together.  We bought Monoply.  Mike beat me 8 times in a row.  I won the 9th time and he hasn’t beat me since.  He taught me how to win, and now I think he may regret it…  I get a little competitive when we play games.  Just a little.

We have had many many funny times together and there are so many that sometimes it’s hard to think of them all.  I’m really excited for all of the future funniness that is to happen around here.

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  1. Faith

    I wicked love this post! Made me laugh reading some of these stories cuz I could totally picture them.. haha 🙂 You guys are the best, I love you both!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the first 10 – here’s to 50 more!!

  2. Jessi

    Ya’ll are sweet. Ten years is REALLY big.

  3. the sis

    I’m busting a gut reading this one – – it’s great!!! BTW love the new look 😉

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