A couple of years ago, Tullie started mimicking people.  We’d raise our hand.  She’d raise her hand.  She was trying really hard to copy just about every simple gesture that we would do.  

One night we were sitting at dinner with a friend who popped in from Massachusetts for the evening.  Dinner had just wrapped up and we were still talking at the table.  He had leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head relaxing while we were talking.  A few minutes later we look across the table at Tullie.  She’s sitting in her seat with her hands behind her head listening to our conversation.  We all start laughing, she got embarrassed and gave us her shy, cute smile.

Around that same time she started watching people at church and she would raise her hands during worship when others would.  Mostly just mimicking what she saw.  At the time, I had thought, “That is so sweet!”

But tonight, at church, I was holding Tullie and we were singing, “Amazing Grace”.   She looked me in the eye and started repeating each word she understood. Grace.  Sound.  Meeeee.  She was so intent on wanting to know the song.  I started smiling at her.  She ate it all up!  In the middle of the song and a few songs after that, she’d shoot her hand up in the air, just worshipping.  Tonight, it tugged on my heart and made me feel lucky to have this wonderful, innocent, worshipping little girl in my arms.  And I really think that she was worshipping.  She was pretty intent on it.  Trying to say the words to the songs and putting her hand up when she wanted to, not because of everyone around her. 

I’m thankful to be Tullie’s mom, but tonight I saw Jesus in her and His glory.  Seeing her praise Him.  Tonight I was thrilled to be Tullie’s mom.  Oh, how I love that sweet girl.   She is an amazing asset to our family, and I also hear that she’s a wonderful friend.  Kids LOVE her.  A friend sent me a note tonight that said how Tullie was her daughter’s friend.  And, well, that just warms my heart.  I love that!  I love that our friends see Tullie for Tullie not identifying her as the girl with Down Syndrome. 

Tullie-Wullie,  you are loved!  Your are dearly, dearly loved.

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  1. Judy


  2. Kelly

    So sweet!

  3. becky

    absolutely precious! this brought tears to my eyes when I read it.

  4. the sis

    I am completely chocked up and have wet eyes. Tullie is so stinkin’ cute. I will never forget the first time I was out there visiting once she was home and it was they day I had to leave to come back to MA – – It was hard to leave her. She just captivates your heart and brings so much happiness.

    She is a gift Michelle and I am so glad that she belongs to you and Mike. You’re so honored!!!

  5. Sara

    What a blessing to watch Tullie praising Jesus! She really is a gift to so many people. I love how she gives me hugs when we visit. And how she doesn’t want to let go. She loves with an incredible freedom, which is pretty cool.

  6. AngieD

    Love, love, love this post! There’s no better feeling than to see our kiddles worshiping Jesus with more abandon than we can muster….not to say that you don’t worship with abandon. lol. 😉

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Worshipping Tullie