I announced on social media before Christmas that I had been picked up by Lucid Books to share our story in the form of a book. I am really excited about the opportunity, but the fact is is that there are several of our stories that are really hard to write. I’ve wondered if I need some dark rooms, a computer and wine in order to make it through the emotional effort that it takes to write about The Accident and Eli’s passing. But on the other hand, just that people want to read it and see the Jesus’ glory is an honor to sit and write and share.

Because Lucid is an in between of self and traditional publishing, we both have an investment in the book and because of that I need to raise some funds in order to cover my portion of the publishing. With that said, I started a Kickstarter and it went live yesterday! You can pre-order a book. You can pre-order a book with a really wonderful hand crafted bracelet created by my friend at DoBee Designs You can also pre-order the book, with the bracelet and get mentioned in the acknowledgements if you want. You can pre-order the book for you and a friend, get the bracelet and a hand-stamped bookmark and hang out with me on Skype for an hour, or I can come to your church for some speaking engagements and bring some books with me. There are a lot of great options and I would love to share our story that is full of pain, but fuller of God’s grace and mercy.

I am excited for this! This has been a long time coming and I’m expectant of how this will all be used.

Here is my Kickstarter video. Take a peak.

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