Photo by Anna-Louise from Pexels

The Big Game is coming up on Sunday and sadly, the Patriots aren’t a part of it this year, I know that not everyone is sad about that, and that’s okay.

I really love the Super Bowl and I love watching the football leading up to it. Which team is going to work the hardest? How will they win? Who will out coach the opposing team? Who in the end will receive all the glory and the Lombardi Trophy to say that they truly are the best in the NFL? The excitement of it always blows my mind and it has, on multiple occasions, sent me into a frenzy. This year, however, I will be a bit more subdued because I don’t have an investment in either team.

At the end of the game, whoever wins, the team and the fans will be basking in the glory of their victory. A big parade will go through the city and the people with worship the players and coaches and staff that made the victory possible and the Lombardi Trophy will be passed around and lifted up into the sky. I have watched multiple parades through the city streets of Boston and have smiled and I’ve rejoiced in the accomplishments which made the parade possible.

Jesus is bigger than The Big Game and the team that wins it.

It’s fun to watch the game and rejoice, but one glorious day, we will experience TRUE rejoicing. TRUE excitement as we will dance and participate in the ultimate parade for and with our King. The winning team’s city parade will not even skim the surface of the reunion and the party plans that our Savior has in store for us. It puts a grin on my face just thinking about it.

We will celebrate that Jesus is the ultimate victor.

Our Lord will also celebrate us. His people. His creation. His children. His bride. There will be no more sin and death. There will be life for eternity. There will be no more sadness. There will be unlimited joy and true happiness. And absolute perfection with unity and oneness.

This celebration will be greater than any other celebratory parade that has ever happened for any winning city’s sports team. It will be a party that everyone gets an invitation to and the party will last forever and ever. I sure do hope you join in on the party!

The Big Game