With this baby coming is T -15 days, I’ve been thinking a lot.  I have yet to wash any clothes, assemble the crib, put things in it’s place and that’s mostly because I’m just not ready.  Next week.  I tell myself.  It’s not fear, but it is hesitation.  I did the same thing with Ellison, but this time around I feel more secure in the soveriegnty of Jesus. 

I’ve been thinking about how Jesus’ glory has been seen in these last 10 months.  Just around me and my family:

1- Three friends had their babies who had had their babies taken home to be with Jesus, either born stillborn or died of SIDS.  These three babies with Jesus, cannot be replaced, but to see the joy in these ladies eye after long, tiresome pregnancies is Jesus’ grace and mercy being shown to them.  It’s been beautiful to see and watch and be a small part of.

2-It’s been incredible how “easy” this pregnancy has been in comparison with Ellison.  I’ve thought many times, “I could do this again.” (which I won’t be), but the surgery in September went so smoothly, that this pregnancy has been relatively normal.  Jesus has been extremely gracious to us.

3-That our children are over the moon excited about having a baby brother!  It fills my heart with joy when they say, “Hello” to my belly or give him a “hug”.  This little boy is already very very loved by each member of this house.

4-That Mike is an extremely hard worker and Jesus has always provided for our needs.  I could not ask for a more hardworking  husband to loves his family and values each of us.  He is muchly appreciated and loved.

5-That Tullie is loving Kindergarten and she knows all of her letters and sounds, learning her numbers and beginning to read.  She is well loved by her peers and she is one smart, cute, little cookie and I could just eat her up!  Thinking about her birth, there was so much grief that came with the joy, and now we can’t imagine our lives without her sweet sweet smile and disposition with us. 

6-That I’m going to have a seven year old in less then 48 hours is an amazing amazing evidence of God’s glory.  To see the boy that Josiah is turning into and the questions and thoughts that he rolls around in that smart little head of his amazes me.  A couple of weeks ago, I was making lunch and he was sitting at the kitchen table drawing.  He looked up and said, “Mom, if everything was taken away from me, even my whole family, I would still love God.”  My heart burst.  What an amazing statement of God’s soveriegnty at such a young age.  It is a statement that all of us need to learn through life’s hard lessons. 

7-That Ellison is Ellison.  She is unique.  Passionate.  Beautiful. Incredibly smart. Loving. Passionate.  (did I already mention that one).  Loves to eat.  Grows like a weed. Has a big personality.  I love her and all of her craziness.  We have great little conversations in the car and she’s incredibly patient being dragged along to all sorts of therapy for her sister. 

8-That Jesus has provided for us.  For everything.  A roof over our heads.  Food on the table.  Emotionally.  And has given us peace during these last several months.  He is glorious and all praise goes to him.

9-That a baby was born to a couple at church.  Their little boy in utero was given a death sentence at 22 weeks and he came at 37.  A truely miracle baby, who is healthy, beautiful and is home with  his family.  Amazing, amazing story of Jesus’ power to heal.  His soveriegn grace and mercy.

10-That we’re planning a big ‘ole trip and we’re going to have some amazing family time, it’s going to be unreal. 

Thank you Jesus for showing your glory through the pain and the amazing times.

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  1. the sister

    Wow Michelle! I can’t wait to meet Boston and see what his personality is like 🙂 Reading about the kids and how life has been brought smiles and tears of joy. I love each of you so very much and am excited about the new addition to our family.

    BIG HUGS!!!!

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