I got an email from a friend a couple of weeks ago and she asked if I thought God had given Tullie Down Syndrome on purpose.  It wasn’t a random question.  It was something that we had been talking about for awhile.   I didn’t respond to her for a few days, because I knew that I had to get my thoughts in order before I responded.  The moment I read her question, I knew my answer, but I had to think about it for awhile. 

It was one of those things that when I think about it and I don’t hear anything else around me.  Kids may be screaming, something falling, husband’s talking and I’m off in Lala Land thinking about something deep.   I was cooking and Mike was talking about something.  He asked his question and I looked up, “What?  What’d you say? Huh?”   Mike says, “What are you thinking about?!?”  True story.  It’s rare that I get SO caught up in my thoughts.

Did God give Tullie Down Syndrome on purpose?  Heck, while we’re at it, did God have Eli die on purpose?  My answer for now is, no.  I don’t think so.  BUT, I do think that He allowed both.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t know the mind of God.  I don’t know what He’s thinking.  Do I struggle?  Yes.  Am I content with what He has allowed to happen?  No and yes.  Time has healed a lot, but it’s still hard and I’ve learned not to make light of it.  It’s real stuff.  It’s real life.  It’s really hard.  There’s really no way around it.  

I’ve read a book recently called, The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God by John Piper.  It’s a poem of the story of Job.  It’s a quick read and very good.  I need to re-read it again before I give it back to my friend to get all that’s in it.  I was re-reading the preface (a Word to the Reader) and he pointed out two things that struck me.  One, he said, “Whatever Satan’s liberty in unleashing calamity upon us, God never drops the leash that binds his neck.”  That struck me, because there are many times I’ve heard people say, “We need to pray that Satan will no longer attack you and your family.”  My response in my head was, “Well, who said he was out to get us?   Sure, I’m God’s kid, but because we’re suffering it’s all Satan’s fault?”  I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.  God has Satan on a leash. He can only do what God allows him to do.  He can’t make things happen that God does not already control.   Has Satan been out to get us?  I don’t know.  Honestly, I’m not really sure if I care.  I’m Jesus’ kid and so is my husband and my prayer is that my children will be too.  We’re safe with Jesus. 

Piper also said, “The great purpose of  life is not to stay alive, but to magnify-whether by life or by death-the One who created us and died for us and lives as Lord of all forever, Jesus Christ.  I pray that His sovereign goodness will sustain you in the unyielding joy of hope through every flame of pain and flood of fear.”   There is so much truth in that statement.  We were made to magnify Jesus.  Glorify Him. 

Jesus is sovereign.  That’s what I told my friend.  He is sovereign and He allows things to happen.  He allows people to be sick.  He allows pain and suffering.  He allows joy and sorrow.  Jesus knows that His glory will shine through it all, even if we don’t see it.  I struggle.  I wrestle.  I question.  That’s me working out my faith.  That’s me being real.  That’s me telling Jesus that I don’t like my circumstances.  I don’t think that that’s sin.  I think it’s being honest and human.  It’s when I shake my fist at God and tell Him that He’s wrong and I turn my back thinking that I know better then Him.  That’s sin.  That’s lack of faith and trust.  I haven’t lost faith.  I’ve struggled, but I haven’t lost faith. 

Jesus is sovereign.  I don’t know His mind.  But I know He’s in control.  I know I can trust Him.  

John Piper tweeted this a couple of weeks ago, “When you take a breath and exhale in sobs, fall against the chest of Jesus. He will hold you up till you can breathe again.”   So true. 

Did God do this stuff on purpose?  No.  Did He allow it? Yes.  Would I exchange Tullie? Heck, no!  Do I want Eli with me? Yes.  Do I struggle? Yes.  Do I believe that Jesus is sovereign? Most definetly.

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  1. sara

    Thank you for sharing Michelle. I appreciate your honesty and I’m so glad you are taking the time to journal this journey the Lord is carrying you through. He is sovereign, He has a plan, He is a loving God who keeps His children safe – we have a lot to be thankful for as He carries us through these storms of life.

  2. Addie

    Michelle thank you for your writing…I appreciate your honesty and heart.

  3. Debbie

    You have done it again. Your blogs and the timing of when I read them seem to fit what I am already thinking about or struggling with. So interesting! Thanks for this. Just today someone said ‘it seems that bad things happen to good people’. She said this standing by the bed of her good friend who lay dying of cancer as we talk. Tough question/statement! I don’t have a good answer, except to say that bad things happen to all people, we just think it is unfair when it happens to someone we consider ‘good’. Since then I have been thinking that really none of us are so good that we deserve to be spared pain, sorrow, challenges, sickness, disabilities, unfair situations… I agree with you that the only good constant in my life is Christ. I can depend on Him, I can trust Him to be with me through the not so good times and situations. He loves me – that is more than I deserve. Like you I have days of questioning and days when I feel my faith is certainly small and weak.
    Keep the faith girl! I love you! Debbie

  4. Kathleen

    Thank you so much for this post! I think Kyle and I have a similar conversation at least once a week. I still don’t know what I believe regarding God allowing or causing “bad” things. Or if we can even label something as “bad” without knowing the purpose behind it. I’m going to check out the book you’re reading. Sounds like it will be helpful!

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