We’ve been in a busy season.  We’ve stayed close to home and lived life and when living life, life keeps going and going and at one point you wonder where all the time went. 

Mike has been busy working his 7-4 job and also doing a few side things to make some extra money.  He’s a hard hard worker and I’m so grateful that Jesus gave me a man who likes to work and is an excellent provider.  When times are tough, I know he’s wise with our money and he finds a way for things to work. 

Josiah is excelling in First Grade and has made new friends.  His favorite toys are still Legos.  He and Ellison are currently outside making a Worm House.  Complete with a wiffle ball for the worms to climb into  and roll down two sticks as a slide.  Hopefully a fun ride for them!  🙂 (The worms I mean.)

Tullie is crazy excelling at school.  Her speech has skyrocketed, however there are still times she needs to raise her voice so she can be heard.  She knows all her letters and sounds.  Can count (somewhat accurately) to 10, and she loves PE and her speech therapist at school.  My fears at the beginning of the school year for  kids accepting her as she is were all unfounded (of course).  The children really like her.  As we walk into school in the morning, kids are saying “hi” to her and she’s a quite popular.  A lot of kids and teachers know exactly who she is.  She has a busy schedule of therapy inside and outside of school, so I’m spending several days a week going back and forth to school or therapy.  Ellison tags along with mostly a happy spirit.

Ellison gets a lot of one on one time with Mike and I as we’re home the most during the day.  She’s making necklaces, coloring, painting and playing with playdough.  She kinda likes all the extra attention.  Hopefully she’ll be able to adjust to life as an older sister in a few weeks…

I’ve been taxi driver and going to a lot of doctor’s appoitnments.  Right now Boston Samuel is set to arrive on Friday, February 25th at 7:00am-ish.  He’s doing well and it’s been a fairly easy pregnancy in comparison to Eli and Ellison.  I really thought that once I made it to 30 weeks, my fears would cease and knowing that the baby is viable, makes my mind rest easier if he should come early.  But there have been days in this last week where I’ve battled my fears of something happening to Boston that was beyond our control.  I can jump to conclusions quickly and make myself a complete wreck if I let myself.  Instead, I keep it shut down tight inside and take it out on the people I love most around me, by being irritable and short with them.  For that I apologize to them and I have to run to Jesus for peace and comfort, and ask my husband to pray for me. 

A friend’s Facebook status was this the other day: “God’s sovereignty is a warm blanket for the soul in any and all circumstance.” Pastor Matt Chandler  When I read that, I was reminded of how I trust in His sovereignty.  I can’t control many things in this world, but God’s sovereignty is one thing that I can put all my trust in.  Althought life hurts sometimes, His sovereign will is perfect.  Absolutely perfect.

We have five weeks till Boston makes his arrival, and we’re excited to meet that little man.  We praise God for the blessing that he’s been to us in utero and the amazing blessing he will be as we’re given the privilege to raise him for as long as the Lord allows. 

Overall, we are doing well.  Life keeps going and going.  For that we are grateful.

Keeps Going and Going