As this sweet Boston boy is asleep on my chest at this very moment, I wonder why I feared those last few weeks of pregnancy.  Feared that something may happen to our sweet boy between then and delivery.  Feared the unknown.  I was silent about my thoughts mostly, except sharing them with Mike in the quiet of the night after we had gone to bed.  Where we’d pray over our fears and give them to Jesus for the ten billionth time.

Friday, last week, rolled around and we walked into the hospital for the c-section and had a wonderful, perfect, quiet, peaceful delivery and recovery.  Very boring.  Which we thoroughly enjoyed.  We enjoyed our new son, and our children enjoyed their new brother and the grandparents enjoyed their new grandson.  “It was the best day ever!”  To quote my seven year old. 

There were so many times over the last several weeks that I thought, “We are all so excited for the little man to show up.  What if something happens?”  I’d tear up while driving just thinking about it, or while I was doing dishes.  I felt like my heart was so fragile with this little person.  But our Lord was gracious and merciful.  Our boy is here.  Healthy, perfect and a little peanut right now.  He’ll grow into his name.  Boston Samuel.  It seems like such a big name to grow into to me.  Strong and solid.

On Friday night at the hospital our night  nurse came in and introduced herself.  She said, “Hi guys, my name is Jeri.  I’ll be your nurse tonight.”  Almost immediately I recognized her.   I said, “Did you teach birthing classes a long time ago up in Everett?”  She said, “Yes.”  Mike and I and another couple were in one of her first classes seven years ago when I was pregnant with Josiah.  And now she was our nurse for the birth of our last child.  It was amazing to all three of us how it came full circle.  How so much has happened in our lives in seven years, and how God brought us all back together for a mini-reunion during the night hours on Friday and Saturday night.  In that little reunion, I  felt like God was gracious to us.  Almost like He was showing us His provision.  Jeri taught us about childbirth in the very beginning and now she was taking care of us once again with our newest addition.

Our hearts are joyful and glad for our new person.  He’s been with us seven days.  He’s been on three trips out of the house.  He’s well loved by his sisters and brother.  His parents can’t get enough of him.  His mom may or may not tear up ten times a day looking at him.  Grandma and Grandpa are in love with him too. 

Jesus, thank you for Boston.  Thank you so so so so much.  Our cup runneth over and our hearts are full.  You have turned our mourning into dancing and our hearts are full of joy.  Thank you for this blessing. 

             Boston Samuel Bates, born Februrary 25, 2011, at 7:23 am. 6lbs 6oz. 19″ long.

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  1. Dena

    I’m so happy for you! congrats on the birth of your new son!

  2. the sis

    Love him! He’s so cute and its wonderful to hear how happy everyone is now that he’s here.

    Love you!

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