Dear Ellison,

You are three!  THREE!  We can hardly believe it.  It’s been a fast, eventful, fun three years with you around.  You are an amazing little girl filled with spunk, joy, laughter, hugs, kisses, lipstick and just enough craziness to make it even more fun. 

You were born at the perfect time.  God’s time.  His timing is always perfect.  You were born screaming with energy.  FULL of life.  When you breathed your first breath, you let everyone know that you were here and that you were here to stay.  Everyday, you let us know that you’re awake and you’ll be awake and active till it’s time for a nap or bedtime.  You’re love of life and vivaciousness is infectious.

You are a wonderful sister.  Wonderful.  Josiah and you are playing spy running around the house looking for things under beds, under tables, on windowsills, in the couch cushions, in sinks and anywhere else.  I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but it must be important.  I hope you catch the guy or thing that you’re looking for… 

When Tullie walks in the door from school you two act like you haven’t seen each other for a week.  So many hugs and kisses go around.  It’s very cute and very funny.  You and Tullie have a very fun relationship and you love one another very much.

You are three!  You are a big girl!  You are a beautiful girl!  You love to sing, dance, sit on laps and be with  your daddy. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Thing!  You are amazing.  You are loved.  Jesus sent you to us at just the right time!


Daddy and Mommy

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  1. the sis

    I can’t believe she is three!! So big, so happy and FULL of life : )

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